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Why hiring us for £3000 per month makes sense

3D Floor Plan render of a scandanavian interior bedroom

What are you paying for

Our 3D Rendering Services United Kingdom allows you to hire a full CGI studio for the price of one employee. Too good to be true? Well then give us a try - We are a fully equipped CGI studio that specializes in 3D Architectural Visualization, we are a team of 4 that are capable of handling just about any project you might have. From modelling, lighting, post production and rendering, we handle it all for you for a monthly fee that’s cheaper than the average senior 3D Artist.

For £3000 per month, you will have the full access of 4 CGI artists at your disposal. We will do what ever CGI work is needed for you or your studio, its as simple as that. If your studio needs to hire someone to handle the overload of work, consider hiring us to fill that gap. For this price you would be lucky to hire 1 Snr designer but with us, you get 4 fully capable of pushing out your work

Hiring 4 artists for the price of 1 artist – Spend Less money to make more money

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